Results on passing to the final round 
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MIN competition for strings offers more than 30,000 € total in prizes, awards and organisation
There is no application fee

Deadline for applying is October 8th

We are thrilled to present our new program for young talents, MiN International Music Competition. The MiN ensemble, usually based in Narvik and Nordland County, has over the last years participated in competitions all over Europe. While bringing several awards back to Norway, we have also been searching for an active and broad cooperation to develop classical music together and across national borders.

Recruitment and inclusion of upcoming musicians is for us crucially important for still being able to make productions with high standard and contemporary/modern appeal. At the same time, it gives us great joy knowing that our activity also might be a stepping stone for young musicians in their early career.

We welcome both applicants and audience. We are certain that you will enjoy the spectacular combination of fine art and wonderful scenery of Arctic Norway.

Vibeke Forshaug

Administrative Director

Lazar Miletic

Artistic Director