The MiNensemble is one of Norway’s few professional chamber ensembles, and is widely considered to be one of the foremost ensembles in Norway. It has been based in the county of Nordland since its foundation in 1992, but tours throughout the country as well as abroad.  

As a large chamber ensemble (string quintet, wind quintet and piano), the MiN ensemble performs music that is only rarely heard by today’s concert audiences.

Quality, diversity and consistency contribute to the MiN ensemble´s concerts and performances to be memorable, unique and thrilling, and has during the years of the ensemble´s existence built up a core fan-base as well as recruiting new audiences.


The repertoire spans from early music in the classical genre to jazz and contemporary classical music that makes the ensemble a sought-after group of musicians that are booked for all kinds of events, shows and recordings.


During the latest years, the MiN ensemble has been noticed through a range of recordings and cd-releases, and has collaborated with artist like Bjørn Andor Drage, Arvid Engegård, Ole Paus, Arve Tellefsen, Mary Utiger, Bobby McFerrin, Lars Anders Tomter and Aksel Rykkvin, to name a few.

In addition, our musicians are often individually hired for different collaborations like theater plays, to participate in symphony orchestras, with Norwegian pop “stars” and smaller local events, in addition to MiN´s own full-scale productions.


One of the things the MiN ensemble is known for, is contemporary projects which involves direct collaboration with a number of composers who are writing music specific for MiN productions. In addition, the ensemble is renowned for “Theme Projects”, for example Baroque music with authentic baroque instruments, “Hammerklaver” (fortepiano) projects with new and creative interpretations of great composers of the past.


The MiNensemble has contributed greatly to the local culture life and environment in all of Nordland County, and this has stimulated to a substantial growth locally for all the municipalities in its region. 






Notable recordings and cd releases:


Aksel Rykkvin – Light Divine (2018)

Jovan Pavlovic TRIO feat. MiNensemble – Refleks (2017)

Tore Johansen – Requiem Shine on Them, (recorded dec. 2016, not released yet)

Halvdan Sivertsen, Live (2015)

Sverdrup/Bugge, Live (2014)

Unheard of Grieg and some Bullshits (2013)

Kjærsti Stubø Featuring MiNensemblet. Label: Bolage (2011)

Fritjov Anderssen Label: Euridicie (2010)

OleBullsHits. Label: Euridicie (2006)

Party Music. Label: Euridicie (2004)

Arctic Contrasts. Label: Euridicie (2000)

Wolf- Ferarri,  Sinfonia da camera (1997)


Tours/ concerts abroad:


Denmark, Italy, Spain, Czech Republic, USA and Russia.




MiN Duo: Dimitris Kostopoulos and Lazar Miletic

International String Music Competition in Italy: 3rd place.