Hans-Urban Andersson

Hans-Urban Andersson Biography Hans-Urban Andersson hails from Halmstad, Sweden, and has been a regional musician since 1982.


Initially, he worked for the Regional Music Scheme in Northern Norway (LINN), before joining the MiNensemblet ensemble (Music in Nordland) when it launched in 1992. He trained at the School of Music in Gothenburg (1975-1980).


In his childhood, he began playing the drums, clarinet and saxophone, before settling for his instrument of choice - the cello. He funded his first cello by playing in the Swedish band Curt Jürgens. He later became a pupil of William Pleeth in London, and has played with Mads Rondin, Mats Lidstrøm, Svante Henryson and Truls Mørk. Hans-Urban Andersson has played in a number of other contexts, including in 1987 when he participated in the Gothenburg Symphony Orchestra’s world tour.


Hans-Urban Andersson is interested in crossover projects and loves to pull out his saxophone and drums when the opportunity arises, often as part of MiNensemblet’s projects.